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An Introduction to Your Guide

Beth lives on Sark with her partner and is a keen hiker and skier. She has hiked and walked in various countries around the world including the UK, Canada, Austria, Italy, Spain, various Greek Islands, Madeira and to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania but it was not until recently that she became a guide. Before this she practiced law.

Beth became aware that most people visit Sark initially as a day tripper on the ferry from Guernsey or Jersey. They are given a free map, catch the toast rack (tractor pulling a converted trailer with seats) to the top of Harbour Hill then look at each other and think ‘Where on earth do we go from here?’. Visitors here for the first time want to see as much of this stunning island as possible but often don’t know where to start, especially within the time they have before the ferry arrives to take them back to Guernsey or Jersey. There’s lots to see in each direction but actually finding how to get there can be both challenging and time consuming.

Even if you are staying on Sark for some time, it may be helpful to book a walk not just to see the island but to discover new bathing, picnic or fishing spots to return to another day.

Beth will not usually take more than 10 to 12 people at a time so that the group remains small and she will be able to chat about the historical importance or relevant folklore of certain places being passed along the way, without the need to stop in the way you would if you were addressing a larger group. This also encourages a friendly atmosphere where people mix together; whether you've come alone, in a couple or part of a group.

So, if you want to see the best of this beautiful island without any of the stress and pressure, then Sark Guided Walks is for you. Simply choose from one of Beth’s three walks: you will not be disappointed.

At the summit of Kilimanjaro At the summit of Kilimanjaro At the summit of Kilimanjaro


Beth at the summit of Kilimanjaro with two friends in 2009. She is the one on the far left. They began the final climb to the summit at midnight while the ground was frozen and made it to the peak in time to see the sun rise over Africa.

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