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Sark - A Walker’s Paradise

"Just a few miles east of Guernsey sits a place which has been described as the jewel in the crown of the Channel Islands" John Craven on BBC's Countryfile, 31 May 2015. It may be a little further than a few miles but Sark has been loved by many, including Victor Hugo who spent time here whilst living in Guernsey during his exile from France. Countless other writers and artists have stayed and lived on the island, finding its beauty and tranquility inspirational.

Sark is a small island with a surface area of approximately 1,300 acres, it is fourth largest of the Channel Islands and approximately 8 miles from Guernsey, 11 miles from Jersey, 20 miles from Alderney, 24 miles from France and 80 miles from England. The Plateau of the island sits 375ft above sea level at the highest point. With no cars and over 40 miles of coastline, this tranquil island is a perfect getaway for walkers and nature lovers alike. The coastline is rugged and cliffs plummet into the turquoise and emerald sea below. The water is so clear you can sometimes see the fish swimming in the bays from far above. The cliff tops are covered in wild flowers from Spring into Autumn and wild birds nest in the crags of cliffs or on rocky outcrops.

There are various bays to explore and enjoy; some are hidden and some have a path down to the water but all such paths are accessible only on foot. With little pollution and a temperate climate, the island has an extensive array of flowers, whether you are by the coast or inland.

Inland there are colourful meadows, wheat fields, vineyards and pastureland. If staying over night, you will see why Sark was awarded the prestigious title of being the first Dark Sky Island in the world in 2011. This means the sky is clear enough to enable naked eye astronomy of the stars. In fact, Enya's album Dark Sky Island, released in November 2015, was inspired by the magnificence of the night skies in Sark. There is little light pollution with only one street light on the whole island but Sark is a safe and friendly community to walk or cycle the main lanes at night by torchlight.

Taking A Guided Walk

There are many paths which are fun to explore if you have plenty of time to discover them. The lesser known paths are not well sign posted and the free map marks only the main paths. You can neither access these smaller paths on bicycle nor on horse and cart. There’s lots to see in each direction but actually finding how to get there can be both challenging and time consuming, especially if you only have a limited time on the island. So why not see as much as you can of this beautiful island by taking a guided walk. No maps, no stress and no time pressure. I will take you to the best and most interesting places, all you have to do is follow and take photographs. If you are a day tripper, I will ensure you are back in time for the last ferry.

If you are staying on the island for some time, you can use the walks not just to sight see but to discover the best bathing, picnic and fishing spots for you to return to on your own.

If you are visiting Sark on a day trip, this will be the most efficient way to discover the island. Most people on a day trip see little of the island, being uncertain where to go. Each walk is relatively long but this is necessary to make the most of your time on Sark as there is alot to uncover.

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