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Approximately 5.5 hours

A touch under 9 miles

This walk shows all the southern half of the island has to offer, staying close to the coastline for the majority of the walk. There are various ascents and descents along narrow paths which are often gravelly and sometimes rocky.

The South Island Walk is very different to the North Island Walk. There is a wilder, more rustic feel with very little woodland but open and windswept fields where the weathering of the sea on the coastline has created some of the most spectacular rock formations and shapes and created natural bathing pools such as the Venus and Adonis Pools. The beaches are a mix of pebble and sand until we cross over La Coupee where the majority of Little Sark sits upon solid granite. As a result, the colour of the sea changes from varying shades of blue to translucent turquoise and back to deep blue.

The properties in the south of the island are few and the area less inhabited than the mid and north end of the island but the cottages that are present on Little Sark are amongst the most traditional and prettiest you will see anywhere on the island.

You will not only walk along cliff paths but out onto rocky headlands and through meadows populated with wild flowers, sheep and our famous Guernsey cows. The land is farmed traditionally and sympathetically in Little Sark by a family that can trace its roots to one of the original forty families who came to inhabit the island with Helier de Carteret in 1545, during the rule of Elizabeth I of England.

The walk will take you to viewpoints above the original and smaller Creux Harbour, Derrible and Dixcart Bays, Grande Greve and Havre Goselin. You will be taken to Sark Henge, Hoggs Back, the Pilcher Monument and over the rock isthmus La Coupee down towards the Venus and Adonis Pools and visit the site of the old Silver Mines in Little Sark.

If you are staying on the island or plan to return, you will get to know some of the best bathing spots to visit another day.

A good level of fitness is required as well as a good pair of walking boots which offer a better grip and ankle support.

The cost of this full day walk is £16 per person.

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